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When I first began my research I discovered how many chemicals and toxins were involved in the process and couldn't believe that I had been exposing myself and my kids to them. I knew I wanted to protect them while still being able to enjoy candles in our home. I began my research in the safest wicks and wax bases, which is why I've chosen hemp wicks and soy wax. The hemp wick offers a wonderful clean burn that doesn't interfere with the scent and the soy wax gives a much longer burn time. I also have a wonderful bring back your jar program to prevent more waste going to the earth, which is both rewarding for you and mother nature, bringing back your jar will give you a credit towards your next purchase! I got really into my journey of my business and expanding to more scents & variations when I left work on medical leave.

Both are completely safe for all family members, pets included!


My name is April, I am the owner!
I am a mom I currently live in Ontario.

I started out this company for my love of candles, but once I started doing a lot of research I found out how toxic and harmful a lot of the most popular candles are & wanted to change that.
I couldn’t believe I was lighting these candles in my home with my children and my pets!

Golden Flamez Candles officially started in November 2020, however its foundation began years prior. My love for candles was so strong that I was spending hundreds of dollars every few months at big box stores

This passion of mine has allowed me to create these amazing products and share them with you. We are always open to ideas for new scents and products to give our customers exactly what they're looking for.

Thank you for supporting small businesses!

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