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When it comes to perfecting a product, we pay very close attention to every detail, from the wax quality, vessel, wick and the oils being put into the candles.

When I first started, I had searched everywhere for organic, cruelty free oils to use in my candles. Thankfully I found another small scale business who does that! and they are absolutely amazing!

About Our Leather


We carefully blend together scents to create the most wonderful unique scent. This process takes about 3 weeks, as we blend together we have to test every scent in each vessel to ensure it will blend nicely with the wick.

The reason it takes 3 weeks, we have to let the candle cure for 2 weeks before testing, and when doing the testing process you have to test it all the way down to the end of the wick! 


We strive use the most eco-friendly packaging, that's why you may notice your package arrives in a Kraft brown shipping box and not a designed box! we are working on finding an eco-friendly packaging company to change that! You will also notice the packing peanuts or bubble wrap is different! the peanuts I use are biodegradable made from corn starch & the bubble wrap used is made of paper, you can choose to throw it in your composter or recycle. When you receive a local order it will come in a Kraft brown paper bag, easy to recycle!

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