Free Wax Melt With All Purchases ! 

Candle launch

Why Choose Soy?

Soy wax is not really a wax at all it's a form of soybean oil,
it's made from soybeans so it's a natural and biodegradable substance. Soy wax is extremely eco friendly,
unlike paraffin wax has a lot of toxic carcinogens that are cancer causing agents


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Buddha Statue
Bed Cover Fabric

Josie B

cannot even begin to express how much I love the candles I recently got!

The scents are amazing! They burn so nicely,

and for a long time!! I ordered 4 roughly two weeks ago.
I'll be needing to order again this week
because I

constantly have one lit. The packaging is very beautiful!

They were very timely with getting my order fulfilled and delivered swill. I'll be placing another order this week for

myself and to get a few for my family, they need to try these.
I'm a very avid supporter of local businesses and

im so happy I chose Golden Flamez to become my new candle supplier

White Bedroom

Hanna J

All the candles I got smell amazing! I ordered mine and they came in super fast. Also, they came with a bunch of little free samples which was so nice! I’m definitely going to get more candles from here.

Knit Blanket

Karen G

Excellent candles. Longest fragrance I've ever had from a candle. I lit the candle for 1/2 an hour and 24 hours later I can still smell the fragrance